If you spend enough time training, you will undoubtedly run in to this guy on the mat… The guy that has only one speed and that is GO!!!  I was at a friends gym the other day, where visitors can pay a “mat fee” and come train with the patrons during open mat sessions. This mat session consisted of an assortment of Submission Grapplers of different experience levels, and as the rolling commenced we could already see where the MAJOR egos were in some of the participants especially one in particular ( our GO guy ), and these guys were rolling like Olympic Gold was on the line, as time went by you could start to hear the occasional sound of a “Verbal Tap” that was a lil’… more than voluntary and as everyone kinda peeked from their training we could all see the sounds were following our visiting hardcore grappler. The session carried on and then we heard a loud YELP!  Yep…you guessed it there was GO GUY with the “OH NOOO” look on his face; turns out he got his partner whom was another visitor in a pretty nasty heel hook and cranked it like he was trying to loosen a nut on a fire hydrant and all he could say was “I’m so sorry man I felt it poppin’ bro” which leads me to the first statement that im sure popped up in your head… “why didn’t you let go before he screamed? and why didn’t he tap?”  Both gentlemen received a healthy talking too from the instructor on restraint, discipline and leaving your ego at the door.

Having grown up in the martial arts “going hard” in the gym is fine, it’s one of the ways you get better… but you have to do it with people at your experience level and even still, you have practice discipline and restraint while you’re training and have a healthy respect for training partner, whether they’re at your experience level or not.  Whenever I cross paths with the GO GUY I draw that line before things go wrong… that way they know. On that note, I also know when to tap or bow out when needed, you lose a lot of valuable training time when you get injured and having that itch to hit the mat when you can’t is a bad feeling.