So a friend and I were having a laugh, and the old Marvel Universe Trading cards came up in a joke that inspired this post in regard to assessing your skill and performance development.

Most of you in your childhood either collected or had a friend that collected trading cards… Be it Baseball, Football, Hockey or Comic Cards. On the back of these cards is usually a short bio and a set of statistics for the subject on the front of the card, More specifically in the case of the Marvel Universe Cards, you had a short bio related to the image and character on front and instead of game/player statistics you would see “Power Ratings”! The Power Ratings would be as Listed…


These categories would be measured on a scale from 0-7, Zero meaning Bad and Seven meaning outstanding. In that array of cards you have your “Jubilee” type characters… generally unimpressive with possible potential 1’s and 2’s on the scale, your “Toad” types with med-low stats and one spike on the scale your “Spider Man” types with med-hi stats and one or two spikes on the scale, your “Juggernaut” types, these guys look great on the scale then you have that one thing like “intelligence” in his case that bottoms out on the scale, lol. And lastly you have you “Gladiator” types that bust 6’s and 7’s across the board! By the way, just for your information… Gladiators ability is that he can become as powerful as he believes he is! Yeah we all want that one, lol!

Now think about it, If you had your own card and someone was reading the back, be honest with yourself… What would your Power Ratings say? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Ok, now… What would you want them to say? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Now that you have figured that out, try and out together a mini-dossier on yourself get help if you’re really serious about it and get a census on you skill level and performance and put together your own “Power Ratings” find out where you fall… are you the unimpressive guy with potential, the guy that’s talented in one area but could improve the rest, the balanced guy with a few specialties, the Juggernaut that needs some fine tuning or THE GLADIATOR! Lol, if any of you all come out Gladiators off the rip! Get more opinions and expand the categories in your “Power Rating” menu. Once you assess where your at, see where you need to improve and get to it. Consistently work to improve those categories and before you know it, you’ll be on Gladiator status!