In the world of Pugilistic Sports, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has seen a recent mainstream rise in popularity over the years that in some opinions has over shadowed Professional Boxing, but despite those opinions Boxing still has strong roots and a strong following of practitioners, competitors and enthusiasts.  In the recent weeks I was able to catch up with one of the combat sport worlds up and coming training phenom Barry Robinson Jr.

Barry has approached boxing with fresh, creative and innovative new methods of instruction and fighter development as the founder of A Million Styles Boxing (AMSB), Barry has traveled the world enriching the skills of trainers and competitors alike in his efforts to share A Million Styles Boxing with us all.  In Barry’s travels he has trained countless Professional Boxers, Mixed Martial Artists, Kick Boxers and Muay Thai Fighters at the same time heading his You Tube campaign sharing those experiences and skills, along with the strides his clients have made by incorporating A Millions Styles Boxing with their fight game.

Barry has recently stepped up his efforts in his goal to share AMSB with the world, By formally ending his You Tube campaign and offering formal online video instruction along with the completion of his A Millions Styles Boxing Training Manual (release date on AMSB Training Manual to be announced).  In conversing with Mr. Robinson you can feel not only the passion he has for the martial arts but the passion he has for being a teacher and a mentor as well as remaining a student himself. Being a martial artist myself, it’s always a breath of fresh air to speak to a like-minded student of the arts that is always looking for new ways to evolve not only himself but the combat sports community, which is a true example of a Sovereign Warrior.  In a brief interview this is what Barry had to say.

S.W. – First off of course, tell us who you are what you do?

B.R. – My name is Barry Robinson. I am a dreamer, traveler, and teacher. By choice I travel and teach boxing as opposed to staying in NYC and having to work primarily with personal training clients. I primarily conduct seminars and fight preps. I have been fortunate in my travels to train with many Boxers, Mixed Martial Artist, and Kick Boxers.

S.W. – Tell us about A Million Styles Boxing and what motivated the development of your style and what makes it different?

B.R. – I have had different coaches and mentors. They all had their own style. There has been thousands of champions and all of them fought different. There is no 1 way to train or fight. My military training makes it very easy for me to get people to do things that they think they can’t via drills and accountability. I never want to change an athlete. Just educate them, provide understanding, and muscle memory. From there an athletes creativity based on their own study habits and aspirations should take over. For example I do footwork drills not for strategy. Just drills. Now in a fight I can change a tactic and say “we need to go backwards now”. That will be a seamless transition for the fighter because it’s built into their DNA already. What makes my style of coaching different is I have knowledge but more importantly I have a drill to hammer that knowledge home or shall I say “Method of Teaching”. I’m a no-nonsense coach and I love what I do.

S.W. – Tell us your thoughts on training and what you enjoy most about being a trainer?

B.R. – I think if somebody is doing something wrong continually and not being corrected, that’s irresponsible.  Turning you hip for example or not doing it could be the difference between a short night and a long night where you had to earn a decision all because poor technique was never corrected in the gym. accountability, accountability, accountability, and an open mind are my thoughts on training.

I enjoy teaching but I enjoy learning more. Being a trainer is a continual learning process. I think the day you stop studying as a teacher and know it all is the day your students stop learning. My biggest enjoyment is I learn about life from my students. My students have helped me tremendously to grow as a man. They have taught me to trust and love people. So I enjoy being a trainer because it has really helped mold me slowly into a better, more compassionate, and patient human being in my personal life.

S.W. – Tell us what you think is required to be a great/effective striker in the game today?

B.R. – Mastery of every strike(consistency, turning your punches over, changing head slots when you uppercut etc.) Great? Yes Mastery. Balance/Foundation is huge. Can you fight going forward, backwards, to your left or right? How’s your understanding of different strike ranges? Can you throw strikes with the same power inside that you can from the outside.? How’s your “control” game? Striking, great striking requires “Method of Teaching” and “Accountability” in the gym. Do you spar left hook vs left hook only rounds so you can master your left hook, combos with the hook, hook defense, going body and head all while exchanging hooks. Etc etc. But that’s what I want my students to do, Master or strive to Master the drills, apply in sparring, and finally execute in the fight.

S.W. – What can we expect from Barry Robinson in the near future (including plans for your manual and a potential release date for your manual if possible) and your thoughts on opening an A Million Styles Boxing Gym?

B.R. – In the fall I will have settled on which city I want to make my home/base. I have already missed several trips this year due to an Achilles Tendon Rupture. I’m training a few coaches from the UK the end of February. I’m in Aruba after that for a fight prep and the list goes on. I will be very picky this year with where I go and who I train with as I am working on other projects. As much as I would like to self publish and release my book right away. This manual deserves a good publisher. I am willing to wait and allow that to materialize. Absolutely I want to open “AMSB Academy for Combat Sports”. I want to have Boxing, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and maybe Wing Chun. I have worked with so many great trainers, if I could get them in 1 building…..dreams. I’m 30 years old so we will see what the future has in store for a possible gym some day.

S.W. – In conclusion, Do you have any thank you’s or other subjects you would like to expound upon?

I want to thank everyone I have trained with world-wide. Thanks for believing in my system and not killing me (I’m a strict coach and will push buttons). Coaches and fighters alike, Thank you, and Mr. Carter… Thank You Sir.

The Sovereign Warrior would like to thanks Mr. Robinson for his time and contribution as well as his continued friendship.

You can contact Barry Robinson through his website for Seminars, Classes, Fight Preps, Partnerships,  and Sponsorships.





Twitter:  @BarryTheTrainer


(The Sovereign Warriors’s Personalities is an ongoing section of brief interviews with various individuals from the martial arts community from trainers to competitors.)