Sovereign Warriors Workout of the Day:

This WOD is intended for strikers and the goal of this drill is to clean up and improve your endurance as well as your technique to speed and power ratio.  A lot of times whether it be in training or competition, practitioners tend to sacrifice one or more of the above mentioned elements for the other(s).  For example, instead of making the connection between proper technique, speed and power in their techniques, a competitor while striking will rush a strike potentially sacrificing technique in order to be fast and make contact but that contact will be ineffective, or they will try to hit really hard but in an effort to gain power they undoubtedly sacrifice technique and speed or they slack in their technique and it diminishes potential for maximum and calculated speed and power per strike.  With consistent use this drill and its variations should help you improve your technique, speed, power and create the motor memory to effortlessly perform these actions in competition.

Equipment Needed:

Stop Watch at the least, preferably an interval timer (Round Timer) with a digital face or a wall clock with a second-hand will do as well.

Heavy Bag for variations

Your going to start of by setting your interval timer for the length of your chosen events rounds length, 3 minutes, 4 minutes or whatever the case may be then set your plan to go for 1 more round than the rules state.


Ammy MMA – 3 x 3 min rounds… so go 4 x 3 min rounds

Pro MMA 3 x 5 min rounds… so go 4 x 5 minute rounds

Increase rounds and techniques for more difficulty

Now you’re going to structure it from basic, intermediate or advanced based on what you want to work on, punches, Kicks, Combinations, whatever the case my be.

30 Second Rest Period Between Rounds

Variation 0

1st Round

At the Start of the 1st round your going to repeat your designated strike(s) or combination at a pace of 1 proper rep x 10 seconds – 6 proper reps per minute

10 seconds is a lot more time than it seems, especially in a fight… at this point in the drill… take your time and complete the strike(s) or combination slowly smoothly and correctly focus on the miniscule elements of your actions for the entire round.

2nd Round

In the 2nd round your going to up the pace to 1 proper rep x 5 seconds – 12 proper reps per minute.

Once again use your time, keep it smooth, correct and up the pace… don’t cheat yourself.

3rd Round

In the 3rd Round up the pace to 1 proper rep x 3 seconds – 20 proper reps per minute

Time is starting to crunch now, but STILL DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF TO BEAT THE CLOCK! Keep it smooth and correct, with consistency, your proper execution will become faster, thus more powerful and efficient.

4th Round

In the 4th round you will be shooting the pace to 1 proper rep x 2 seconds – 30 proper reps per minute.

Things are moving fast here, just remember breath, pace yourself, use your time, stay smooth, stay correct, do not cheat yourself.

This is just a basic format of this drill, it can be used at all levels, and the variations can be changed all around. time frames altered, rounds added… equipment like tension bands and weights added, etc.

Variation 1



Round 1:

Initiate chosen strike(s) or combination(s) on the heavy bag with light contact and speed.

Round 2:

Initiate chosen strike(s) or combination(s) on the heavy bag with moderate contact and speed

Round 3:

Initiate chosen strike(s) or combination(s) on the heavy bag with full-speed, moderate contact.

round 4:

Initiate chosen strike(s) or combination(s) on the heavy bag with full speed, full contact.