This is the re-release of the original Shogun Scrolls. Tuttle Publishing considers the message within to be worthy of reprint and has released my work in a hardcover edition.

Written as a work of docu-fiction in the voice of Hidetomo Nakadai, a late 12th century regent and scholar in the court of Japan’s first shogun, Minamoto Yoritomo, this treatise is essential reading and study for those who would seek to wield power and control of their own destiny.

from Chapter One

“Power comes to a man in various ways. Undoubtedly, it is granted to a man by his own personal choice. It is based on his desire to rule or to be ruled. The extent to which that desire is expressed will be made manifest in his life. It does not matter if the desire is to control an entire country or a desire to control a small faction…

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