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Barry Robinson may not be a house hold name (just yet) but A Million Styles Boxing has certainly taken off and people are interested and loving the system…

For those that dont know, A Million Styles Boxing IS Barry Robinson.

Hearing that Barry and in turn, A Million Styles Boxing  – is headed to Thailand… is just great news for Boxing in Thailand.

With a HUGE selection of talent in muay thai, mma, boxing and beyond – Thailand is a place where A Million Styles Boxing is set to excel.

Barry will be heading to Phuket Top Team in April of this year !

Ok…. so actions are better than words so lets just show some clips of JUST SOME of the fighters Barry has held mitts and helped to transform there boxing!

(when names like Fedor, Jose Aldo, Souwer and Melvin Manhoeff are mentioned… you know its going to…

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